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Destiny 2 We Stand Unbroken quest steps

What's involved in the Season of Defiance questline.

Destiny 2's We Stand Unbroken is a quest running throughout the Season of Defiance.

Each season, Destiny 2 has a story which updates with new steps each week - requiring you to participate in seasonal activities to progress.

In the Season of Defiance, earning favors and freeing prisoners in the Defiant Battlegrounds.

This page explains how We Stand Unbroken works as well as all We Stand Unbroken quest steps.

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How to start the We Stand Unbrokwn quest in Destiny 2 works

Access to We Stand Unbroken is withheld until you complete the first mission of the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign. You will be pulled into some intro cinematics the first time you load Destiny 2 during this season. After that, you will be dropped into a mission.

It's a long trip that eventually delivers you to a public area in Neomuna on Nepture. Here, visit with your new friend Nimbus, a vendor representing Neptune's Cloudstriders. He will advance the Lightfall story, then offer you the Ascedent Scepter seasonal artifact.

This begins the Awaken, Queensguard quest. You will need to complete this for the We Stand Unbroken quest to begin.

The steps for this quest are:

1. Visit the holoprojector near Nimbus in Neomuna and Receive a message

2. Speak with Mara Sov at the Farm in the EDZ

3. Visit the holoprojector at the Farm for a briefing from Devrim Kay

4. Infiltrate the Pyramid outpost in Defiant Battleground: EDZ

5. Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M.

Like most seasonal quests, We Stand Unbroken will follow a similar pattern week to week. You will need to visit with some NPC's, participate in the Seasonal activity, and complete a few miscellanous objectives to advance the plot.

We Stand Unbroken has a total of 28 steps, with only a certain number of steps releasing each week. You can either play these as they are released, or wait until later in the season to play them in bulk - whatever works for you!

Destiny 2 We Stand Unbroken Week 1 quest (Steps 1-6)

Once you've completed the Awaken, Queensguard quest you can start on the We Stand Unbroken steps:

1. Claim the week 1 Seasonal Challenge "Righteous Defiance" to earn a War Table Upgrade.

2. Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M. for a debriefing with Mara Sov.

3. Choose your first Awoken Favor on the War Table upgrade menu.

4. Collect 3 Awoken Favors in Defiant Battlegrounds and complete 1 Defiant Battlegrounds playlist.

5. Visit the Farm to Debrief with Mara Sov

4. The Vanguard and its allies are working to rescue more prisoners from the Shadow Legion. The Queensguard will be called when their assistance is needed.

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When does the We Stand Unbroken quest expire?

Often seasonal quests will stick around longer than the end of their particular season. The Season of Defiance is scheduled to end at the weekly reset on Tuesday, May 23.

It's likely there will be some sort of epilogue mission during the final week of the Season. However, if previous updates are any indication, it is likely that Guardians who have not finished We Stand Unbroken, will be still be able to complete the quest steps during the next season.

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