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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem locations, including where to find Emerald, Aquamarine, and Peridot

Including respawn time for Gems.

Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley are a versatile resource, as you need to find them for completing quests, handing out as gifts, crafting, and selling for Star Coins.

To help you clear tasks, raise friendships with characters, or make money, we've detailed all of the Gem locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley below, as well as where to find Shiny Gems.

This includes the locations for Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley – A Festival of Friendship Update Trailer.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems explained

Gems are found by using your pickaxe on mining spots in the valley. Mining drains energy, so if you're doing it far from your house, we recommend bringing some meals or picking ingredients to munch on in the area you're at.

Cocoa beans are surprisingly good at restoring energy on their own.

We also recommend hanging out with a Level 10 mining character. There's a chance to get more Gems while you're mining anytime you're hanging out with a character assigned the mining bonus, but this chance is increased if they're at Level 10. Assigning more villagers the mining bonus can increase the bonus gems you get from hanging out even further.

Don't worry if you don't have many villagers with the mining bonus if you're planning on farming them, as you can now change villagers' roles with Training Manuals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the digging training manual crafting menu

If you really want to increase your Gem farming efficiency in a hurry, then you can also craft the Miracle Pickaxe Polish or the stronger Even More Miracle Pickaxe Polish potions. When applied to your pickaxe, you'll get more Gems from each mining spot, but the potions have limited uses.

How to get Shiny Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Shiny Gems are a rare spawn obtained from any mining spot in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Shiny Gem variants are always found in the same location as its ordinary kind. For example, a Shiny Topaz can only be found while mining in the Plaza, just like an ordinary Topaz.

Just like with ordinary Gems, you should bring a Level 10 character to hang out with you while mining to boost your chances of getting more Shiny Gems. Using the Miracle Pickaxe Polish potions can also help.

Just keep in mind that the potions don't increase your chances of getting a Shiny Gem outright - but with more Gems spawning from a mining spot, you're more likely to get a Shiny than if you weren't using the potions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem respawn time

It takes roughly five minutes for mining spots to respawn in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, Gems are not guaranteed to spawn in every mining spot, so it will most likely take you longer than five minutes if you're out farming for Gems.

On the other hand, mining spots where you can see Gems in them are guaranteed to have that Gem, so you should prioritise mining these if you're short on time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Festival of Friendship is here! Olaf and Mirabel can now be added to your valley. You can also change your house colour, change villager roles by crafting Training Manuals and cook new recipes - like birthday cakes and bunuelos. If you're still catching up on the storyline, make sure you check out our guides on the Nature and Nurture quest, Toy Story Realm and how to get Stitch. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem locations

As well as Onyx and Vitalys Crystal, there are 11 ordinary Gems with another 11 Shiny Gem variations that make up a total of 24 Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Along with their sell price, here's where to find all Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Gem Location Sell Price
Amethyst Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands 500
Shiny Amethyst Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands 2,000
Aquamarine Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor 250
Shiny Aquamarine Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor 1,000
Citrine Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau 380
Shiny Citrine Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau 1,500
Diamond Forgotten Lands 600
Shiny Diamond Forgotten Lands 2,400
Emerald Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust 325
Shiny Emerald Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust 1,300
Garnet Plaza, Peaceful Meadow 160
Shiny Garnet Plaza, Peaceful Meadow 640
Onyx Random drop from mining any spot 300
Peridot Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach 200
Shiny Peridot Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach 800
Ruby Vitalys Mines 350
Shiny Ruby Vitalys Mines 1,400
Sapphire Vitalys Mines 350
Shiny Sapphire Vitalys Mines 1,400
Topaz Plaza 240
Shiny Topaz Plaza 960
Tourmaline Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 420
Shiny Tourmaline Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 1,600
Vitalys Crystal Vitalys Mines 12

Good luck finding the Gems you need!

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