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Pokémon Go Rising Heroes hemisphere Pokémon, seasonal spawns and end date explained

Everything you need to know about the Season of Rising Heroes.

The Season of Rising Heroes is the tenth game-wide season in Pokémon Go.

This season sees the return of Elite Raids in Pokémon Go and brings a new paid season long timed research quest to the game. There will also be a range of events, such as Community Days, to partake in!

Like past seasons, the Season of Rising Heroes sees changes to egg charts, seasonal spawns and which Pokemon are appearing in the northern and southern hemisphere.

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Pokémon Go Season of Rising Heroes end date: When will the Season of Rising Heroes end?

The Season of Rising Heroes has a start time of Wednesday, 1st March at 10am (local time) and an end date of Thursday, 1st June at 10am (local time).

Season 14 of the Go Battle League will be running throughout this time period and, as usual, it will contain the three leagues and a selection of special cups.

Season of Rising Heroes bonuses in Pokémon Go

There are three bonuses running throughout the Season of Rising Heroes in Pokémon Go, with the first seeing Pokémon participating in raids remotely dealing increased damage.

The last two both concern Team Go Rocket, with the grunts appearing more frequently at PokéStops and all trainers will earn extra Stardust from Team Go Rocket encounters.

Like the past season, there are multiple Pokémon available as Research Breakthrough rewards in the Season of Rising Heroes!

From Wednesday 1st March to Thursday 1st June, you’ll have the chance to earn an encounter with either Parasect, Pinsir, Snorlax, Gible, Furfrou or Goomy by completing a Research Breakthrough.

Season of Rising Heroes roadmap in Pokémon Go

Below lies everything we currently know about the roadmap for the Season of Rising Heroes in Pokémon Go.

While they were released in the final days of the Season of Mythical Wishes, we felt it was important to mention that Roaming Form Gimmighoul and Gholdengo are now available in Pokémon Go! These are the first Gen 9 Pokémon to appear in the game and, if you want the chance to add them to your Pokédex, you need to connect Pokémon Go to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Once the Season of Rising Heroes properly begins, you’ll be able to purchase a timed research quest from the in-game shop which will last the entire season. Called Willow’s Wardrobe, this quest will give you the chance to unlock a new costume themed around Professor Willow and catch a Melmetal that knows Double Iron Bash - a steel-type Charged Attack.

If you decide to purchase this quest, then you’ll have to complete Willow’s Wardrobe by Thursday 1st June to unlock all of its rewards.

Elite Raids are also making a return in the Season of Rising Heroes!

The raids will feature Regieleki and Regidrago - members of legendary Regi family who were originally introduced in the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra. Regieleki is an electric-type Pokémon, while Regidrago is a dragon-type Pokémon.

Elite Raids will return on Saturday 11th March and Sunday 9th April. Yet, at the time of writing, we don’t know exactly when the raids will be available on these days or whether both Regis will be available on both days.

The introduction of Regieleki and Regidrago was hinted on the official Pokémon Go Twitter.

The first event in the Season of Rising Heroes will be the Catch Mastery event, which will run between 10am to 8pm (local time) on Sunday, 5th March.

Both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan will be appearing more frequently in the wild during this event. You’ll also be able to earn Hitmontop encounters by completing event-exclusive field research tasks and, any 7km egg collected during the short event, will hatch into a Tyrogue. If you’ve been searching for the shiny forms of these Pokémon, then we recommend partaking in this event because their shiny odds will be increased!

You’ll also earn double XP when you catch a Pokémon using a Nice, Great, Excellent or Curveball Throw and there will be a timed research quest, which tests your Poké Ball throwing skills, running throughout this event.

Below you’ll find the currently confirmed events for the Season of Rising Heroes:

  • Catch Mastery Event - Sunday, 5th March between 10am to 8pm (local time)
  • Festival of Colors - Wednesday, 8th March to Tuesday, 14th March
  • March Community Day - Saturday, 18th March between 2pm to 5pm (local time) - Pokémon unknown at time of writing
  • An Everyday Hero + Team Go Rocket Takeover - Tuesday, 21st March to Wednesday, 29th March
  • Go Battle Day: Palmer - Saturday, 25th March
  • First April Community Day - Saturday, 15th April (Pokémon unknown at time of writing)
  • Second April Community Day - Saturday, 29th April (Pokémon unknown at time of writing)
  • May Community Day - Thursday, 25th May (Pokémon unknown at time of writing)

Remember - at the time of writing, we don’t know which Pokémon will be appearing in the Community Day events.

Season 14 of the Go Battle League is also running throughout the Season of Rising Heroes.

The following Pokémon have been confirmed for raids so far:

  • Incarnate Forme Tornadus - Wednesday, 1st March to Wednesday, 8th March
  • Ho-Oh - Wednesday, 8th March to Tuesday, 21st March
  • Incarnate Forme Thundurus - Tuesday, 21st March to Tuesday, 28th March

Meanwhile, the following Mega Evolutions have been confirmed:

  • Mega Charizard Y - Wednesday, 1st March to Wednesday, 8th March
  • Mega Medicham - Wednesday, 8th March to Tuesday, 21st March
  • Mega Venusaur - Tuesday, 21st March to Tuesday, 28th March
  • Mega Alakazam - Tuesday, 28th March to Monday, 10th April

Some of the Season of Rising Heroes Spotlight Hours have also been confirmed:

  • Eevee and double transfer candy - Tuesday, 7th March
  • Rowlett and double evolution XP - Tuesday, 14th March
  • Litten and double catch stardust - Tuesday, 21st March
  • Popplio and double catch XP - Tuesday, 28th March

The Season of Rising Heroes also sees every Pokémon gaining an XXS and XXL size. There will be a selection of new season-themed stickers available from the in-game shop, spinning PokéStop or opening Gifts!

Finally, the video teaser for the Season of Rising Heroes on the official Pokémon Go Twitter ends with a shot of falling tree. I wonder which Pokémon cut it down...

Season of Rising Heroes hemisphere Pokémon, seasonal and biome spawn changes

The Season of Rising Heroes hails changes to which Pokémon spawn in the northern and southern hemisphere, including which creatures appear in the Pokémon Go biomes:

Northern HemisphereSkarmory
Southern HemisphereChikorita
Beaches and WaterPsyduck
Hisuian Qwilfish

It will also include changes to a number of the egg pools, but, it should be noted, that the lists below do not show the complete Pokémon list for each egg pool during the Season of Rising Heroes:

5km Adventure SyncShinx
10km Tyrunt
10km Adventure SyncDratini
7km Hisuian Growlithe
Hisuian Voltorb
Hisuian Qwilfish
Hisuian Sneasel

The Season of Rising Heroes is nearly here! Don't forget to complete both the Masterwork Research: Wish Granted and Chasing Legends Special Research, along with hunting down Kecleon and Gimmighoul! We also got a new Team Go Rocket quest - Shadowy Skirmishes! The team lineups for Giovanni and the Team Go Rocket Leaders has also changed. Don't forget to partake in the new Go Battle League season. Elsewhere, be sure to use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

What are seasons in Pokémon Go?

Originally introduced in December 2021, seasons are in-game periods - three months long - which tie together various events to a theme and add a selection of new features and quality of life changes in Pokémon Go.

This includes:

  • Changes to how Pokémon spawn season-to-season, which may see some creatures appearing more regularly or become rarer in the wild for limited periods of time.
  • Changes to egg pool and raids.
  • Northern and southern hemisphere-specific spawning, coinciding with the real world seasons themselves.
  • Highlight specific Mega Evolutions, giving them a power boost throughout the season.
  • Changes to Deerling forms.
  • A new Go Battle League season, which will be the same length as those seasons.
  • XP boosts for completing specific activities, such as five-star raids for example.
  • Introduce other general quality of life improvements.
  • A range of in-game events.
  • New Pokémon.

If you’d like to learn about some of the past Pokémon Go seasons, visit our seasons on the Season of Mythical Wishes and Season of Light.

Hope you enjoy the Season of Rising Heroes!

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